Glenglassaugh Distillery, perched on the serene north east coast of the Scottish Highlands, has released a collection of old and rare cask bottlings dating back to the 1970s. 

Taking its name from the precious serpentine marble found in the cliffs surrounding Glenglassaugh Distillery, The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection launches with three exceptional expressions. Each one – bottled from a single cask and individually numbered – is aged over 48 years old and captures the coastal spirit of the Highland whisky. 

Glenglassaugh lay silent for over two decades, a hidden gem on Scotland’s rugged north east coastline, until it was re-awakened in 2008. It had been storing a rare collection of casks in its coastal warehouses, some of which were left to mature for over five decades. Three of these rare single casks will now be made available globally this spring. 

As is synonymous with all Glenglassaugh expressions, the spirit is shaped by influences of land and sea. Each cask presents an exceptional sensory experience, reflecting different facets of the distillery’s coastal character and provenance.

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender at Glenglassaugh Distillery, said:

“The legacy of our most sought after casks date back to the 1970s when these precious liquids were first laid down, patiently harnessing rich natural colour and sublime character, naturally forming the apex of our single malt whisky. 

“It is extremely rare to find casks which have been left to mature in coastal locations for such a long period of time, and our warehouses, perched on cliffs overlooking Sandend Bay, have acted as the custodians of this old and rare liquid for over five decades. These casks give a unique insight into the nature of whisky making at the distillery before it was closed and capture a moment in time like few other expressions can.” 

The casks released in The Serpentine Collection have been chosen by Master Blender Rachel Barrie, and will be available on allocation globally after launching exclusively in Singapore today (January 22 2024), a location chosen for its own unique coastal characteristics and close cultural affinity with single malt Scotch whisky. Over the course of the year a limited selection of casks will be released into the collection.